About us

Since 2009 Jewel Concepts makes jewellery with a personal, unique and emotional touch. All jewellery are hand crafted and made in-house. We only use real jewellery, that is to say, we only use precious metals, precious stones and cubic zirconia, a sophisticated look, real jewels (no bijoux). Quality is important as well as authenticity. All customers will receive a certificate with a copy of the submitted print and a declaration of which part of the print has been processed in the jewel. Jewel Concepts really has a passion for goldsmiths. Since 1986 we are experienced goldsmiths.

Besides quality and authenticity, innovativeness is an important focus for Jewel Concepts. We are constantly looking for new ideas. The bead and PU 03 are beautyful examples.

Since 2004 Cees Janssen is active in the funeral industry.


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